In recent times, many limousine service providers have started specialized New Buffalo wine tour. This smart move not only generates revenue but also promotes the company’s name as an exclusive service provider in the car rental industry. These companies offer premium wine tour services to preferred wine enthusiasts and tourists by partnering with local wineries.

In this blog we will discuss why you should choose limousines for winery tours, benefits of companies in winery tours and how to avail the best services.

Why Choose Limousines for Winery Tour?

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While planning for a wine tour, choosing the perfect vehicle becomes crucial. Because the roads leading to these wineries are tough to drive in, and easy to get lost. Also, accompanying a large group of people requires a bigger vehicle which most people don’t have. The best solution to both of these is renting a limousine. Below listed are features why renting a limousine is best for winey tours.

Designated Driver 

While visiting wineries people would prefer to have a taste of the finest quality of wines. However, drinking and driving is a hassle for them. By renting a limousine, you get an experienced chauffeur who would take care of the driving requirements, while you enjoy your tour. 


The roadways to these wineries are tricky to drive and also easy to get lost into. When traveling with us you can rest assured that you’ll have a safe and comfortable drive. Our chauffeurs have experience of the locality and can drive comfortably through tougher terrains easily.


The long wine tour and bad roadways can take a huge toll on your body if you don’t have a comfortable vehicle. Our set of limousine vehicles are properly maintained and equipped with soft cushioned seats that ensure you have a comfortable journey. No matter how long the trip is or how harsh the roadways are, you’ll enjoy every moment of it while traveling with our comfortable set of vehicles and kind hearted staff.


Renting a Valparaiso limousine service allows you to schedule your trip as per your timings and preferences. Alternatively, you can customize the pick up and drop location and timings.

Apart from adjusting the timings, you can also adjust the number of people accompanying on the tour. We have a wide range of vehicles that can accompany up to 22 people, ensuring no one in your group is left behind. Also our chauffeurs and staff are very humble and cooperating. They ensure you have a comfortable journey without any problems.


Limousine companies know a lot of local wineries, and therefore they can help you plan your trip out in the best way possible. Based on your timings and needs, we can organize a perfect schedule that ensures you get the most from your time on the New Buffalo wine tours. Our team also has good knowledge about these wineries and shares information regarding it during the trip.

Benefits of Winery Tours for Limousine Companies

Offering Winery tours for limousine companies can be very beneficial, as it attracts a lot of new customers and offers more business opportunities for the companies. Also, these services provide additional revenue for the company.

Demand for Unique and Upscale Experiences


Expansion of Business:

Partnership with Wineries

Best Valparaiso Limousine Service

If you’re looking for the best Valparaiso limousine service, then check out Second Nature Limousine. We are an industry leader in car rental services that provide vehicles for various occasions. Be it for a wedding, bachelor party or wine tour, we have vehicles that can accommodate all your group. Also our team is full of generous and experienced staff that ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable journey while traveling with us.

Valparaiso Limousine Service

We provide car services for:


In Conclusion, renting limousines for the New Buffalo Wine tour is the best option as it provides you with various options. We at Second Nature Limousine have an experienced team of chauffeurs and comfortable vehicles that ensure you get the best experience while traveling with us. Apart from wine tours, we rent cars for various occasions such as wedding, prom and bachelor parties. For more information visit our website or call at 800-688-4115.