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Limo Rental Tips 101: Tips for finding the perfect limo for you

At Second Nature Limousine Service, we can help you find the right limousine or limo party bus for your event. Whether you are planning a wedding or prom or headed to the big game, it is essential that you get the best vehicle and service for your money. There are many factors to consider when booking a limo service. We hope this limo rental tips guide helps you get the most from your luxury transportation experience.

Limo Rental Tips

Limo Rental Tips Second Nature Limo

Know before you go

Getting the right limo often depends on the type of occasion, number of people, hours you’ll need, and how far you’re going. Most companies will need to know if this is for a wedding, concert, prom, birthday party, or maybe an anniversary – and they often specialize in certain events to deliver the best possible experience. The more details you can provide, the better the value and service you’ll receive.

Focus on value: the best limo service at the best price

Not all limousine services are equal. Price should not be the only factor in your search. Like renting a hotel, different price points often mean different service levels. It’s good to have a budget determined ahead of time but also know what type of experience you want.

Get the right ride

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Oftentimes, the right vehicle can make all the difference. A stretch Hummer for your next bachelor party or Exotix Limousine, Like our Audi Q7 or Infiniti Qx80 for riding off in style from the wedding. Ensure that the vehicle you getting has the space, features, and look for your next event. Try to book a car that has room for at least one to two more people than are at your party. Some companies provide music (radio or Bluetooth ), so ask in advance or be prepared to take an Aux Cord and your phone to have enough music to last the whole ride. Also, ask about features like the seating arrangement and storage capacity for large group vehicles.

Get the full price

Always make sure you are checking limousine and party bus prices so that you compare apples-to-apples between services. Each limousine company will generally have its unique pricing policies. Most companies offer services priced by the hour – but may also offer flat/guaranteed rates for a round trip and sometimes all-inclusive packages. Pay attention to “add on’s” like fuel surcharges or other service fees not included in the base price. FYI, it is customary to tip drivers 10-20% of the base price. Most companies automatically charge a driver gratuity, while some leave it to the customer to decide. Be sure you get the total price upfront when weighing your options.

Limousine and Party Bus Rental Packages

A package is often the best choice for special occasions like weddings, concerts, prom, sporting events, or other ride types with a predictable start and end time. Packages will generally provide a set number of hours in a vehicle that fits your party size and event for a fixed, all-inclusive price. Some companies offer packages for every type of service, and most give substantial “bulk rate” price breaks.

Reserve your limousine or Party Bus early – especially for a special event

Start searching well before you need your limo. For wedding limos, some people book 12-18 months in advance. For other events, like proms are best to book a limo a few months in advance. Generally, it is best to start looking 3-4 weeks before your event. After you’ve selected the right limo service provider, get a confirmation in writing. For special occasions, it’s generally a good idea to contact your limo service provider a week before the event to ensure everything is confirmed.

Safety first

The most important thing to consider when booking a limo is safety for yourself and your party. Legitimate limo companies need to be registered with their state (the US only), have the proper levels of insurance, and be appropriately licensed. Never book a limo with a company that can’t promptly show you their licensing and insurance credentials – don’t take chances.

Plan ahead

Think about all the details of your ride experience. Do you need ice or drinks? Do you have a preferred route for your ride? What stops would you like to make? Providing these details to your chosen limo service provider will help them meet your needs – and do this for the right price. We hope you found these Limo rental tips helpful.  If you have any questions, please call or email us.  Good luck planning and we hope to see you soon!

The Second Nature Limousine Team  🙂